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The Exact Definition of "Mainstream Media"

Whether anyone wants to realistically admit Mitt Romney was right about something or not, "corporations are people, my friends." In fact, corporations are in of themselves two distinctly different types of people. One type of person is a worker. These workers range from janitors and secretaries to firm presidents. All of these workers have the same boss, the other type of person involved in the corporation, the shareholders. Buying stock in a corporation comes with ownership rights in the corporation. One share, one vote. What some people don't seem to understand, is that shareholder voting controls who sits on the board of directors. Even the "oppressive" CEO's are merely doing what it takes to keep their jobs. In reality, ALL of these workers are slaves to the shareholders' demand for company profit. 
He with the most shares controls the company, and most especially a group of people with supreme purchasing power, aka "elitists". I hear many people in the progressive movements complaining about corporations, completely ignorant to the fact that "corporations ARE people". 

We also hear over the internet about mainstream media being the disinformation tool of the elite, but where's the proof? The news wouldn't lie to us about the news would they? The object of media disinformation is not to blatantly lie about something and try to get away with it. That would be too obvious and we would recognize that for what it is almost immediately, right? They know we aren't THAT stupid. However, when you think about the phrase "it's how I was raised", and how often we've used it as a validation mechanism in our own brain, controlling our thought process would theoretically be as easy as already having controlled of the brains of our ancestry. Corporations have been in existence for hundreds of years.

The advancements in communicative technology will never necessarily reflect real technological and intellectual advancement, but the technological advancement that elitists find profitable. For example, if you had a fantastic business idea, and looking for investors, would you run to someone like Joe the plumber for an investment, or someone like Warren Buffet? Even though your great idea will mostly help Joe the plumber, Mr. Buffet is the most likely to have the extra cash to throw around, so you are more likely to get an investment from him. However, if he doesn't find your idea profitable, the idea never sees the market, despite it's benefits to Joe's life.

Putting everything together so far discussed, we've established that corporations consist of two types of people, workers and investors. Without either side of this equation, the corporation itself never exists. In every sense of the word, corporations are a form of co-dependency between workers and elites. The question realistically circles back around to "why not be honest to us about the news?" The answer, simplistically enough, is that the media keeps you consuming from their companies that they've invested in.

Mainstream media is merely corporations. The workers of these companies are no different than the workers of other corporations, they answer to the shareholders. What we realistically have to accept at this point, is that this service to the shareholders also constitutes not causing them to LOSE any money. This is a critical part of mainstream media brainwashing, because of WHO the shareholders are. A lot of us think that mainstream media mostly constitutes what comes out of the television, and while this is somewhat accurate, it remains only partially so. Sites like The Huffington Post also remind us that the internet is also corruptible, and can also be bought into censorship. I'd like to thank Jesse Ventura for agreeing to write that article, and also thank the Huffington Post for 
tipping their hand

To follow along with the rest of the blog, open this link in a new window.  According to stock holdings in various media stations, what we see is that our television, radio, cable, telecommunication, print, and even internet media are being dominated by high-profile corporations, who are themselves dominated by high-profile "elite" type investors.  A further analysis is needed to determine the implications.

Comcast, Walt Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS are listed as the six largest television media companies, and also shows Bain Capital as a major contender in radio. This site also shows us the media stations controlled by these companies. This is not surprising to us, right? What is really important to focus on is not these companies. Many people will stop here and think they've got the correct enemy pinned, and they couldn't be any more wrong.
What we realistically want to find out is exactly who the shareholders of these top six companies are. Let's start by checking out Comcast's stock holdings via MSN Money. We see that Capital Research Global Investors is by far the largest shareholder in Comcast, followed by The Vanguard Group as the second largest. Feel free to read the Wikipedia entry on the Vanguard Group, however I'm mostly interested in scrolling down the page and clicking the link labeled VFINX: Summary for VANGUARD INDEX TRUST 500 INDEX - Yahoo! Finance. When we click that link, we are shown the Vanguard Group's fund index on Yahoo Finance. Along the left side of this web page, there are many other options available, and we want some specifics. I'm going to click on Holdings. Now we are looking at holders of The Vanguard Group's index fund, which is a major holder of Comcast. At the top of this list, we see Apple, followed by Exxon MobilInternational Business Machines (IBM), MicrosoftChevron, General Electric, AT&T, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, and Wells Fargo. If all of these companies constitute ownership of The Vanguard Group, and TVG is a major holder of Comcast, and Comcast is the single controller of NBC Universal, Telemundo, USA, Bravo, MSNBC, SciFi Channel, and several other television stations, can we logically conclude that nothing that would cause any of these investing companies to lose any profits would ever be allowed on the air? If any of the Vanguard Group's investors start to lose equity from Comcast's airing of unprofitable information, The Vanguard Group is highly likely to pull their investment. Also, notice is the diversity of the industries invested into Comcast. Big tech, Big oil, Big energy, Big pharma, Big banking, Big consumption. Let's continue.

Walt Disney is next on the list, but we aren't going to find much difference in finances. When we click on the button Major Holders, we see many of the same familiar names as our research concluded from the Comcast investigation.  State Street, Vanguard Group, T. Rowe Price, along with several others. Let's take a quick gander at the major holders of the T. Rowe Price via Nasdaq. According to Nasdaq, The Vanguard Group and State Street Corporation are the largest shareholders in T. Rowe Price. Interesting. Let's see who has stock in State Street Corporation. What we immediately notice is a distinct similarity with Comcast's largest holder, Capital Research Global Investors. Are you getting the picture here yet? The people who run the Walt Disney stations answer to the same exact investors as the Comcast  stations.

Of course News Corp also has their stranglehold over the information available on the airwaves, lets find out who has their stranglehold on 
News Corp. Wow, once again Capital Research Global Investors tops the charts. Time Warner, the sameViacom's largest holder is GAMCO Investors. CBS. Of course, there will never be any real information aired that involves any of these companies losing money or profits, and you can find an even further analysis in my newest blog

To understand this, you realistically have to put yourself in the shoes of an elitist. It's difficult for us to comprehend what these people think, because we've never realistically had to think that way. These people are not happy with being financially "well off", as most of us would be. They want a continuous cycle of maximum profits. By buying stock in news stations, or "mainstream media", they are able to control the the actions of the boards of directors of every news station, every radio station, print advertising, every cable and telecommunication company, and even mainstream internet sites through their "property right(s)" to do so. Every employee of a firm answers to the board of directors, and the board of directors answers to the shareholders. This is exactly how they keep us in the vortex of co-dependency, which keeps us consuming and working (slaving) for the viability of their investments, instead of for our own viability. 

MSNBC isn't a "left" station. FOX isn't a "right" station. They are merely designed to look that way. As we can tell by the company financials, they are both owned by the same people and companies. CNN isn't a "non-biased" station. Everything coming out of the TV is bias in the sense that they do not give a damn about you. For an in-depth analysis on living outside of the mental slavery of dialectical thinking, my friend Niki provides a great 'outside' perspective.

The elitists, the "1%-ers", don't even really have to rig elections this way, they just give "their guys" the most airtime and anchor support and the people ignorantly follow. Doesn't that actually just translate into learning how to (better) serve their system? Not knowing how to deductively reason, could be an exact cause of inductive reasoning. Attention HS graduates, get a free crash course on logic here.  If you don't know something, follow the links. 

The underlying point of it all, is that you have the power to control what you know. By relying on mainstream media to tell you your knowledge, you are lazily and willfully living in "the world according to six companies and their shareholders." We are in even more critical danger now, for elitists are also attempting to take over the internet media. Independent media sites be warned, they will be coming to purchase you if you obtain too many followers. It takes cowardice, such as the likes of Arriana Huffington, to sell out. It takes bravery, to stand up and say "We're not selling.  We believe in the right of the people to be presented with ample points of view, not just the opinions of Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, and every other company making record profits while the rest of us suffer a depression."

Do not rely on the TV for your information. In fact, throw away your television. Quit consuming from these corporations and they'll go down. Social sites have taken over the media landscape and our TWO SIDED conversations with each other are whats waking people up from the dream world of The Big Six. Turn off your television, remove your minds' corporate installed muffler, and get involved in "the world according to everyone else".

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