Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Bit More Technical

In my last blog, we identified The Big Six for what they are; a complex disinformation tool for the fortune 500. A tool to keep us in the dark about what's really going on in the world, and to maintain our daily consumption flowing to their companies. Why keep us in the dark, though? It's not exactly like were not happy consuming from them anyway, right? It's understandable that a company would buy up airtime to promote their company, however these companies are not buying airtime, they're buying and controlling entire stations. In fact, they collectively own EVERY station.  I had a hunch that the answer to this question could be answered with a little more digging into specific financial data of Big Six shareholders, and has that hunch turned out more like a vision. 

I want to further validate the freepress.net's ownership chart for the benefit of my own readers. I also want to include I had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this chart, I have only really analyzed this chart as legitimate at this point. This free online tool from the Columbia Journalism Review seems to not only verify the ownership chart, but continues to fill in the blanks the chart left out. Just look at the results for the various holdings of Time Warner.  According to Yahoo Finance, "NBC News (51% owned by Comcast, 49% GE) has editorial control over MSNBC, reaching more than 90 million US households. Microsoft owns 18% of msnbc through its MSN unit, and NBC News and Microsoft jointly own MSNBC.com."  Yahoo Finance was generous enough to tell us specifically who is "editing" the information released from MSNBC, MSN News, and NBC News: Comcast, GE, and Microsoft shareholders. Appreciated. Anyone curious to know why we can't trust google? Interesting that these people slander themselves, but that's how this scheme is pulled off, buy up everything and it doesn't matter which source is slandered as long as the slandering comes from another one of their purchased sources. All the while the slander and gossip was the distraction and the information we really needed to see was never even a talking point. Divide and conquer.

Looking at this ownership information, can you see how it all ties in with the news, and exactly how terrible of a situation this is? For example, in this articleWalt Disney shareholders are telling us that Bank of America is recently under cyber attack. But they are all the same people. The same exact companies are funding each mainstream station. Meaning while the whole nation is distracted on misleading articles and talking points, alternative news  coverage passes people by that aren't looking for it. This is a direct fallacy in our own thinking. This error in practical judgment from the working population these corporations are privy to, and it's the reason they are getting away with this scheme. What I call "free information" is information that we don't have to look for. It's free because all we have to do is watch TV or ride in our car to receive this information. "The Big Six" has all the control over almost all of the "free information". If you boycott free information, and put in a little time using a search engine, many of you will change your philosophies. I'm here to tell the tale: you MUST look for accurate information. Accurate information is not "free", it takes work. I'm not here to tell it like I know all of the sources of accurate information. In a capitalist media market, all you can really trust is yourself, everyone is trying to make a buck. However, I do like the idea of "the world according to a million companies" as opposed to "the world according to six companies and their shareholders".


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